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Light Being Production

Cinema & Television content with a touch of the future

We write about the future, every prediction fulfilled will only be coincidental!

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Regret is the greatest loss

When Alex gets a message from the future, he believes he hid clues of investment shares.

So he ignores the content and neglects his wife, Sapphire, at an important moment in her life.

This pushes her into the arms of another man.​

 "A wonderful example of communicating

science through film"

Raw Science FF

 "Provocative look at time, choice and consequence.

Superbly shot and directed, with strong performances"

Sci-On! FF

OMEGA chronicles  2026


Directed By ITAY COHEN

Première : Improaction 6    

Oct 8 2015


Press Kit

Theatrical screenings and awards

Raw Science Film Festival  Award Winner of Raw Science Film Festival For best Drama Short <10 min in the Student category. Screening @ USC ICT in Playa Vista, CA // Philip K Dick Science Fiction Film Festival NYC , Jan 16 2016 // May 1, 2016 TLV Cinematheque Employees movie marathon 2016   //  Cannes Short Film Corner 2016 // SCI-ON! Science Fiction Film Festival RENO NEVADA Saturday, June 4, 2016, Award-Winning Sci-Fi Shorts from Around the World. // UBIK FUTUROSITY, Rotterdam, Holland. Philip K Dick program. Jun 11 2016 //. Social Machinery Film Festival  Friday 29 Jul 2016, Ostiglia Italy -Best VFX // Neu World Film Festival   Saturday Jul 20 2016, Cedar City Utah. An Anti-Hero Production Genre Fest Best Sci Fi, Best Actor in Sci Fi, Jan 27 2017 // Hollywood Screenings Film Festival 2017 Finalist // NanoCon International Science-Fiction Film Festival 2017 - Semi-Finalist // MOTION FOR PICTURES April 5 Cary Theater in downtown Cary, North Carolina. 

Tel Aviv Cinematheque (July 24) // Tampa Bay Comic Con (July 28-30) // San Francisco Comic Con (Sep 1-3).

Nov 4th 2017 - Southeastern international film festival, Nashville TN. Nov 4th 2017 

Sep 15 2019

Austin Micro Short Film Festival


Omega Chi - Feature 

 Digital resurrection is possible, but forbidden.

OMEGA chronicles  2017-2117

Slingshot 7 - T.V. Series 

Immortality is within reach, but the price is high.

OMEGA chronicles  2117-2242

Pardon 2020  

A long way to Pardon.

Omega my love

Avi and Miki are lovers trapped in Anti-time. 

All traces of their existence were erased from natural time, But the Omega super computer can not cancel one strong factor. OMEGA chronicles  2025

 U.R.G.E 73 (Mini Series)

Be careful with your writing!

 Hunted Online

Sunlight is the best disinfector.

Ori Haddad and Ortal Sasson

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