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The Triumph of Time


Regret is the greatest loss.

Message delivery Application that bends time.

Three short Sci-Fi stories - Feature Film.

5.00 min' of 85 min' script 'ToT Chapter 1'


When Alex gets a message from the future, he believes he hid clues of investment shares. So he ignores the content and neglects his wife, sapphire, at an important moment in her life. This pushes her into the arms of another man.​

"A wonderful example of communicating science through film"

Raw Science FF


 "Provocative look at time, choice and consequence.

Superbly shot and directed, with strong performances"

Sci-On! FF


Triumph of time - Chapter 1 - Trailer

Raw Science Film Festival  Award Winner of Raw Science Film Festival For best Drama Short <10 min in the Student category. Screening @ USC ICT in Playa Vista, CA // Philip K Dick Science Fiction Film Festival NYC , Jan 16 2016 // May 1, 2016 TLV Cinematheque Employees movie marathon 2016   //  Cannes Short Film Corner 2016 // SCI-ON! Science Fiction Film Festival RENO NEVADA Saturday, June 4, 2016, Award-Winning Sci-Fi Shorts from Around the World. // UBIK FUTUROSITY, Rotterdam, Holland. Philip K Dick program. Jun 11 2016 //. Social Machinery Film Festival  Friday 29 Jul 2016, Ostiglia Italy -Best VFX // Neu World Film Festival   Saturday Jul 20 2016, Cedar City Utah. An Anti-Hero Production Genre Fest Best Sci Fi, Best Actor in Sci Fi, Jan 27 2017 // Hollywood Screenings Film Festival 2017 Finalist // NanoCon International Science-Fiction Film Festival 2017 - Semi-Finalist // MOTION FOR PICTURES April 5 Cary Theater in downtown Cary, North Carolina. Tel Aviv Cinematheque (July 24) // Tampa Bay Comic Con (July 28-30) // San Francisco Comic Con (Sep 1-3). Nov 4th 2017 - Southeastern international film festival, Nashville TN. Nov 4th 2017 


Catalogue 2016

Première : Improaction 6




Social Machinery Film Festival



L.A CineFest Short Script

L.A CineFest Short Film


Raw Science

Award Winner of Raw Science Film Fest for best Drama Short <10 min in the Student category.

 Screening @ USC ICT in Playa Vista, CA 

A young analyst receives a message from the future,
will he make the same mistake twice?


Short Sci-Fi, 5:30' Heb. with En sub. Israel 2015

Directed by Itay Cohen


Chapter 1 - long synopsis

Alex Kiting receives an invitation from the Continuum Preservation Association

(Timeline Protection Service). Messaging service from the future to the past and vice versa. 
This service costs millions and is limited to four legal use;
1. The message can be sent for the years 2026 onwards.
2. The message must be personal, regarding the user's   
     happiness only.
3. Message Langth < 10 seconds.
4. T.P.S will  censor paradoxes.
When Alex gets a message from the future, he believes he hid Clues of investment shares. So he ignores the content and neglects his wife, sapphire, at an important moment in her life. This pushes her into the arms of another man. When Alex realizes his mistake, will he still send the message from future point (unchanged - the only option at the end of a time loop)

Or will he choose to disable the use of the service (no refunds) ?.


Trilogy synopsis

Chapter 1 (2026) When Alex gets a message from his future self, his marriage is put to a test through time and space. 

When Alex gets a message from his future self, he believes he hid clues of investment shares. So he ignores the content and neglects his wife, Sapphire, at an important moment in her life. This pushes her into the arms of another man. (Cut from completed film: Sapphire's pregnancy plotline).


Chapter 2 (2025) After performing an experiment on herself, Miki falls into comatose and explores the Multi-verse only to find out love is a great force, acting on time.

After performing an experiment on herself, Miki falls into comatose. Avi, Her boyfriend, demands an explanation from the secret billionaire's society that hired her. He discovers her work on a new telepathic messaging technology (Chi). Meanwhile Miki experience an “out of time” spiritual travel, she sees all scenarios of her life line but she doesn’t see Avi in them. Mani, one of the founders of the T.P.U, gets a message concerning Alex, the genius analyst. He offers Avi a Chance to see Miki again, but not as he remembered. Miki is digitally stored in the Omega Chi super computer.

6 months later: The two meet for 12 seconds while experiencing opposite time in relation to each other.

 Omega my love - Trailer

Chapter 3 (2026) Waking from the Chi Multi-verse with the ability to see 10 sec' into the future, Miki and Alex overcomes the plot to control time by destructive forces.

Listening to Sapphire's music wakes Miki from comatose. She can't find Avi. Suffering from illusions, she can see 10 seconds into the future, only backwards. She sees Sapphire and Avi kissing (Chapter 1). She realizes that her spirit was trapped in Ping reveres stat (experiencing time as an Eco –Mirror) and the effect can have ripples on a personal time horizon. The T.P.U agents lock her up in an insane asylum, only one agent suspects she is right. 

After receiving threats from Avi, Mani offers him an opportunity to become the new head of security for the upcoming technology, the only way to get close to Miki at the top secret workplace. Avi must erase his past. Avi accept the opportunity only to be trapped as a Ping agent at a reveres universe controlled by Mani(Computer generated   Multi-verse), locked in a Chi calibration chamber (coffin). Miki and Sapphire overcome their differences and collaborate to find Avi only to discover a much sinister plan involving Alex and Sapphire's upcoming pregnancy.

---------- Creator's Statement.--------

"Triumph of time" is a short film about the choices we make and the way we deal with our regrets. It tells the story of a young man, who loses his wife, but when given the chance to prevent it, he only makes it worst. The short is a combination of "Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind" and "Primer". We were inspired by the works of Isaac Asimov, Philip K. Dick, ,Michel Gondry and Ridley Scott.
It is a science fiction drama with a dark futuristic atmosphere.
The short is a part of 9 stories called "Omega chronicles" - Multiverse of stories with a dystopian ensemble. "Triumph" is a part of a trilogy about the Omega time Machine, Omega Chi (Time Bender) is about outer body vessels for Immortality, and Slingshot 7 is about a secret mission to save earth.

We plan to translate it's feature script to English for co-production. The philosophy behind it puts the humanity in the center. The person with a personal event horizon, which can be calculated. If the "user"'s chances are lower than a certain value - The protocol will prevent him from seeing the future. Such a constant factor will make the user to arrive at "pure thought" to recieve a personal messege from his future self.
The feature will explore the questions "What will make us happy?" and "Is my happynes in someone else's hands?"

Ortal Sasson, producer and screenwriter


Script an production: Ortal Sasson and Ori hadad. 

Light Being Production 2015


We are currently looking for Producers to complete the Feature Film.
If you are a Producer interested in reading the script, Contact us  .

The Original script of Chapter 1 is now available online


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