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Feature Film- Omega Chi


Ganre: Feature animation, Sci-fi comedy

Length (in minutes): 90





 Tagline: Digital resurrection is possible, but forbidden.


Short Synopsis: At the time when humanity faces corporate immortality, Randy fights for other dreams!

The resurrected wish to remain in peace and there is a lot of technical difficulties when applying the Chi Transmitter of immortality, secrets only randy knows. During the chase to imprison him, he will find the source of life- A chi connected pulsar at the center of the solar system.

He finds a hiding at the body that gives us our most primal dreams- The chimpanzee dream of falling from the tree.

But this specific body of a Chimpanzee is of one named: Ferdinand.

The Israeli Astro-Chimpanzee, First to ever circle the sun in the opposite direction.


Omega Chi is a prequel to "Slingshot 7" T.V series




1.Ext. Grandwoods Hotel (Virtual Reality)– Night                                                                  1

Randy is falling from the skyscraper, Alice appears With an effect of pixels combining together, she falls next to randy. Alice yells to randy


                                  This is the last time we'll see each other..


Randy looks down on the ground that is approaching fast.

He can't speak.



                                   Don't get sceard when you wake up.


Alice maneuvers her fall and gets closer. As she kisses randy he closes his eyes.

2. Int. Golda 4 spaceship. Night / Day                                                                                        2

A Chimpanzee wakes up and falls out off his hammock. He floats in the spaceship with no gravity. As he floats he sees his chimp reflection in the window, Earth is VERY far!

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