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Omega my love

Avi and Miki are lovers trapped in Anti-time. 

All traces of their existence were erased from natural time, 

But the Omega super computer can not cancel one strong factor.

OMEGA chronicles  2025

Carmel Reuveni as Miki

Oz Shefer as Avi

Short Sci-Fi 2015 Heb with EN sub.

For the complete Trilogy go to Light being Production

Directed by Ortal Sasson

Short Synopsis

Omega my love. 

Triump of Time - Chapter 2

 (2025 - Beta Year) After performing an experiment, Miki falls into comatose and explores the Multi-verse only to find out love is a great force, acting on time.

Avi, Her boyfriend, demands an explanation from the secret billionaire's society that hired her. He discovers her work on a new telepathic messaging technology (Chi). Meanwhile Miki experience an “out of time” spiritual travel, she sees all scenarios of her life line but she doesn’t see Avi in them. Mani, one of the founders of the T.P.U, gets a message concerning Alex, the genius analyst. He offers Avi a Chance to see Miki again, but not as he remembered. Miki is digitally stored in the Omega Chi super computer.

6 months later ( SHORT PRODUCED ): The two meet for 2 minutes while experiencing opposite time in relation to each other.

Script an production: Ortal Sasson and Ori hadad.

Light Being Production 2016

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