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Anti-verse, Time Machine & The OMEGA Multi-verse Gates


“My brain is only a receiver, in the  Universe there is a core from which we obtain knowledge, strength and inspiration.I have not penetrated into the secrets of this core, but I know that it exists.”

Nikola Tesla


The next article will examine the possibilities for personal Time horizon and private messages through time with mathematical expressions. The idea is to create a personal time horizon on a multi-verse gravitational computing. Using an audited time loop of multiple scenarios. When “personal time sequence” is affected by a message from a possible future, I will address the Wilder paradox and use the term “Physical Bending” as a force that maintain the sequence and eliminate paradox, with the structure of logical gate guards, to be presented, as rules of use.

The mechanism of the Omega Multi-verse is fictional and was written as a philosophical approach to the time traveling possibilities that await humanity.

I argue we can enable "Personal Bend" as long as the basic laws of the following are true:

  •  No delivery prior to the invention and operation of Omega T.M. (2025 Beta Year). 2026+

  • Future messages will contain only personal information relating to user's feelings. Information transfer is prohibited.

  • Formulation of the message must be personal and non-transferable.

  • The Union reserves the right to censor any messages that may harm the current time line.

  • The user permits T.P.S to excess the Biometric federal database in order to calibrate Chi Frequency (X). The user also agrees to be abolished in the event of a paradox via Chi reduction, (-X) until the end of the time curvature (paradox). 



"Timeline Continuum Protection Rules"

1. Sanding a message to the past, before the time machine Omega was put into   operation, is prohibited. (2025 Beta year)

2. A message through time can only contain personal information relating to the user feelings. It is prohibited to transfer information concerning the environment.

3. The message must be personal and non-transferable. Duration- 10 Sec.

4. In the event of a paradox, the Association reserves the right to censor any messages that detour the current time sequence (Omega).

The user agrees to the transfer of genetic information from the biometric database in order to calibrate the Chi frequency of the user.

User agrees to be abolished in the event of a paradox via Chi frequency reduction, until the end of the time curvature (paradox).



Known paradoxes and T.P.S (Time-line Protection Service) prevention

1. The Grandfather Paradox - physical trip back in time, and accidental prevention of the user's birth.

2. The information paradox - transference of information, back in time, and accidental prevention of the Omega Time machine invention and / or any other development that could modify the current time sequence (D1).

3. The Bilker paradox – A conscious decision not to send the same future message.

4. The Sexual paradox - physical trip back in time and sexual relationship of the user with the people of the past.

"To avoid the paradoxes, the T.P.S prohibits physical journey through time. Development of the T.P.S is a designated utility that allows the user to avoid future negative experiences on a personal time horizon, as long as this information does not change the current time dimension (1st + 2nd Dimension of Omega).

T.P.S's equation was developed by the founder of the Union and includes a number of variables. In this equation, you can see that the user's emotional "world" does not affect the timeline conservation, and therefore there is no prohibition to prevent the user from living happily.

All information on life expectancy must not be transferable. A message from the future when the user is already dead - will receive a "censored" notification without specifying the reason and without a refund."



To avoid the paradoxes, the Union of T.P.S prohibits physical journey trough time. Developing designated utility allows the user to receive a personal message concerning his feelings and happiness only. This restriction allows the user to avoid future negative experiences, personal horizon, as long as there is no information to change the sequence of time .

“The user's emotional world does not affect the time sequence conservation, so there is no prohibition to prevent the user from a happier life.”

The existential pragmatic approach to the philosophy of physics is a one that thinks of a higher cause at minimal risk.

An Opportunity to live a better life.

All information must not contain life expectancy; the user can transfer both positive and negative reinforcement for the user's emotional world, under supervision.

To prevent abuse of Omega, it is appropriate for the Union to censor a message without a refund. Furthermore, the user is given the opportunity D1 when the time comes to choose whether to send the message in his words, or completely censored, The user is presented with a choice. to send the message as he remembers it, or to cancel the service.

Personal curvature according will lead C to D1 at the unchanged Omega- verse Sn.

The message that the user is asked to send is recorded according to the memory only and if he doesn’t remember, T.P.S will view the recording and decide. The user undertakes to keep in mind the message duration is 10 seconds, and he can’t speak of it to anyone else.





 Main events drawing



The following figure will examine the possibility of receiving a personal message from the future by mathematical expressions. When the sequence is influenced by personal time according to the message received from the future you’ll need to handle Wilder paradox with physical forces that maintain the paradox. You can enable Personal warp, physical reduction of Chi sequence, as long as no object is not moving through time.


B event – a request to receive a message from the future (ping & audit process).

C green – a censored event.

C red - a message was received correctly.

D1 event - send a message to the first dimension while auditing at least 2 dimensions.

D2 episode - Omega machine does not exist






  • Gravitational interconnected space-time data protocol.

The gravitational forces acting in the field of frequency calibrated at the subatomic level. Assuming the subject X is at Omega C omega-time continuum, which we have known given his starting point (point A birth + Enter the biometric database and calibration frequency chi) and point D1 which exist on a continuum Omega future events supervised at the horizon.


D2 can coexist only if sequence A to D1 and Omega Course is an absolute paradox of failure to comply with the protocol before the existence of Omega T.M (2025 beta, 2026 + operation).

Therefore, the value of Infinity is possible momentum to the field between A and A to D1 D2.

To calculate a point in the sequence A to D1 can use the information we have about momentum and its impact on bent distance to straight A to D1. The information we have is Sn behaves like a wave and particle- This is Chi frequency: X

A-> D1 / A-> D2


The straight line is when Part II is a larger value from part I.

The dotted line is a sequence that preserves the “River of Time” Transfer Protocol information, which includes 0+ Sn at the personal bending value that is higher than S1 to D2 Therefore, a user can get to from Omega X( XSn ) now we can call it point B And it exists only on the sequence in which S1 to D2 is lower than S1 to D1.

Once the X point becomes active and calibrated as wave / particle, it can exist in two states through reduction.

When the subject X is a paradox, the A to D2 takes place and the particle / wave is in the non-existence or NON Chi -(X) and that is the vertical line at the event horizon.

​Power K

For B to reach the point D1, we used a reduction from A to D2

But we can handle Sn to D1 which is the conscious decision every step to reach D1 by making it a rule. the other option will be total recall.

If Sn- point (x) is the death of the X sequence Omega, there is a paradox. So point Sn must have a positive value or non-existence point D1.

So we get:

A to XSn to D1 <Asn- (x) to D2

Such sequence protocol we use censor information (theoretically), such censorship is done naturally on the protocol.

To make sure censorship is activated, we will put in the event of requesting a message the value "Karma Key: K" in X.

Karma is key.

Wilder Paradox constitutes acceptance of the principle key K in XSn whether it is conscious of the user- decision X reach D1 and whether it is other forces pushing the X at D1 when XSn influenced him in favor of the field C (A to D1)


Field C

This is the time sequence with Natural Conservation of Omega. Containing K with key, powered XSn to K which pushes the X back on track A to D1, the gravitational space time protocol of the time-machine can theoretically exist in the space time continuum when the component space of time is positive.

You cannot calculate the point C which curvature by K for D1 but we can use reduction and accept a narrower range to operate the X sequence Omega.

Field CXSn is the object wave behavior.

If we join all the drawings, we accept the existence of Omega-time continuum:











K max & -K

When the power K is a weaker sequence A to D2 @ Death paradox, then the message is censored before being asked.

This is the negative output -K.

-K exist also @ Infinity Field B

-K is pulling power without interference field, and acting as a gravitational field of a particle rejection mode only.

The behavior of the antiparticle -K.

​Now we get the paradox threat < or >

Chi frequency calibration sequence X on Omega IS possible with the use of K force and placement of Sn to D1 in the first part, using a reductionist wave function, Infinity, and for the second part we will use the reverse power -K to K + particle function, borders field C.


Paradox Xf


The behavior of sub-atomic Quantum physics laws can be applied using a temporary reduction of spontaneous interference K at D1.

You can apply the reduction to replaced K and -K to F Series f’ as S1F’ and F1

When we remove the last F'1 B from Infinity, we can run the K natural principle.

And so the paradox F1 can be determined 0.5F1 + 0.5F'1 = XF


So the point S1 omega sequence can exist and not exist until the value K is artificially restored +/-

Chi Frequency


“The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion.”

Albert Camus

The next article will examine the possibilities of uploading the mind to a virtual environment while the body is in a state of deep sleep. The idea is completely fictional yet I will address it using terms from psychology, physics and biology.

 Step 1 - Virtual existence

The mind of a living human emits brain waves, this can be detected and maybe even manipulated (By image projection) once it is calibrated. This can be used for virtual reality as seen on popular Science fiction films. 

 Step 2 - High speed experience

The mind experiences time slower while it is in a state of sleep. A dream can feel like an hour long experience when it is actually compressed to less than a minute of sleep in real time. The terms we can use are Natural time and Virtual time.

 Step 3 - Precognition and Reverse experience

Precognition is a term used to describe the phenomenon of seeing the near future in the subconscious and acting accordingly, creating either a de-ja-vu or, in extreme cases, a warning sign that a danger of some sort is approaching. The subject testifies he felt strange and has known what is coming, yet he had no chance of changing what is to come. In the extreme cases the subject feels "something is wrong", and he freezes for a while. Once the threat is revealed, the subject cannot explain what it is that got him to stop, but he is convinced that this was in fact precognition. The parallel example is waking from a dream and forgetting it instantly, only the feeling remains. The known term is Repression. Once you wake from the dream, the mechanism of remembering it goes in reverse. The subject that remembers his dream can tell you that he remembered first, how the dream ended and then parts of the middle and only after the End and the Middle are clear, he can remember how the dream started. This mechanism of reverse remembering is known to scientist who studies mice in maze.

Step 4 - Mind entanglement

Twins can testify they shear feelings, even from a distance. If one twin gets hurt, the other twin feels some degree of pain.

 Step 5 - Clone

It is now possible to artificial multiply a living cell with identical D.N.A taken from a subject.

The final step to Chi frequency

Taking the next step requires some imagination!

If we know we can clone a human body and we know that it could be entangled with the original subject, then we can imagine a cloned brain. It would lack the real experience of the original body, but still have the same Properties of the Original. If we imagine a recording of the original brain reacts to certain situations, and also a stimulation regarding the subject's life experience, then we will have an outer body vessel that can be used to initiate a Chi frequency.

Once we have a Chi Frequency collaboration chamber, we can implant Images and scenarios to it and find out the reaction of the subject to multiple options. We can also see threats as the subject define them on his Personal time horizon, using a detector of precognition activity.







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