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Slingshot 7


Genre: Sci-fi Comedy. Rotoscope Animation.

Potential Time slots: Late night

Episode length (in minutes): 30

Scheduling: Weekly




Tagline: Immortality is within reach, but the price is high.

Earth is in danger. A mission spaceship is sent. Aboard it: a rank D synthetic astronaut, a hologram of a female scientist trapped between life and death, and a super computer with existentialistic issues.


God help us all. 


It is the year 2142. The Google war ended, the age of singularity begun.


New-Jerusalem is the capital of "One World" - a combined "multi level" cyber world and "Real Earth".


Will digitally immortal being neglect earth or save it? 


Haim, Shelly, Auto-Ben, Auto-Betty, the super computer known as "I", and later on - the Astro-Chimpanzee Ferdinand joins them, as they travel towards the comet "S.2142".

Character's profile

The assassination of the Mars ambasador

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